July 25, 2017

Side Light


  1. Beautiful job, Irina. You capture, in your portraits, far more than a camera can ever get. I just read a beautiful book called A PIECE OF THE WORLD. It's a fictionalized treatment of Christina Olson, the subject in Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World". You might find the book interesting, particularly what it has to say about art and humanity. Always, I send you best wishes from Vermont.

  2. Thank you, Karen. I suspect, I capture myself in my portraits, subconsciously.
    Thank you so much for the book recommendation, I love the idea and even more I love you intention to give, to share.
    I am in the end of Ingmar Bergman's collection of memoires and novels now. The first part is his life story, very dry and monochrome and "functional like IKEA" written. And while reading I am perplexed - how this dull guy could produce "Autumn Sonata", one of most important movies of my life??
    And then second and third parts are his novels, colorful and ready to be shot. And here he is, the genius and his style, when you live in these decorations, you feel the rain and the dramas of a little boy and a young woman like your own dramas. Amazing experience, this book is for me: The Magic Lantern. Sunday's Children. Private Confessions.
    Same with Andrew Wyeth - unbearable loneliness and wind live in his paintings.
    Same with the book of my friend - the sand on my teeth when I read her book.

  3. Lovely job Irina, is this from a real sitting?

    1. Thank you Padmaja! It was photo turned upside down to place the first marks.


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