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20 random facts about me.
1. I started drawing and painting in July 2008. 
2. Places and people are my strongest interest. 
3. I can not imagine my life without music. 
4. Introduction to yoga in 2002 completely changed my  life philosophy.
5. I live here and now and enjoy every moment of the process.
6. I am chronic optimist. Incurable.
7. I am internetoholic. Incurable.
8. I am frightened to see above 7 lines starting wit "I am". Egocentric? Noooo, only poor English. 
9.  I do not know my future. And happy about that.
10. I was a bird in my previous life. Is it a fact? Yes it is. Eagle, to be precise.
11. In 2003 I stopped chain smoking and did not look back.
12. Fear is our main enemy. I fight my fears everyday, small step at a time. 
13. I like to learn. Literally.
14. I have two backgrounds, Russian and Georgian. Sometimes they have fierce fighting. Sometimes they give opportunity to see world from two different angles.
15. I like the strolls in refrigerator's direction.
16. The wood is the place where I feel inner comfort. Also the art supplies shops.
17. My most close art tool is oil pastels. And I am in love with watercolor. Yet unrequited.
18. I love to drive the car.
19. I am a workaholic.
20. Will keep this line for some bright idea, later.
My best regards, 
Irina Rekhviashvili (Ирина Рехвиашвили).

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