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New pen (Lamy Safari)

Pages from the sketchbook. I was experimenting with new fountain pen (Lamy Safari). And made pencil sketches for the birthday present from previous post.


40x50cm, oil on board

Another birthday present  for a friend of mine, this time in oil.

Autumn is Coming

35x55cm, watercolor, acrylic
Sunflowers from our garden, rich flavor of sunflower seeds, but no seeds in sight. 

Sea in the summer.

50x70cm (20"x27"), Acrylic on wall paper

The birthday present for my friend, "Draw sea in the summer, please" was the request.
Painted from photo I took in 2013 in Montenegro.

EDM 142. Peppers.

When in lack of ideas what to draw - I go to EDM list (link here).
This time it was "Draw something hot". Red Hot Chilly Peppers, was my first answer. Then reality struck back and I drew 2 green sweet peppers before sent them to casserole. 

Tennis Racket

About 20 years ago I played tennis. Last week I found my tennis bag with the racket in the back corner of the closet and decided to revive the past. I close my eyes and see me, athletic and fit, on the court.
No big deal that summer is over, I believe in my sports victories.
Now it is time for cup of  tea and cake.  
Sports records to be!

Irish Impressions 10. Last One.

Quick wet on wet sketch to catch the freshness of colorful Irish hills. 

This is the last one. Thank you for your attention and comments, thank you that you are here.
I have satisfied my wish to memorize the beauty of the place, and now I am ready to turn back to reality.  

Irish Impressions 9. Cliffs of Moher.

Looking at the power and beauty of cliffs of Moher, I realized again how funny and small we are with our problems, fears, wars in front of the eternity of nature. Like sand grains. Very sobering and refreshing thought.

Irish Impressions 8. Howth

 The weather was kind and patient to these restless Russian during the whole trip. Only on the last, 8th day, weather realized that it could not stand  being such a good girl any more and almost washed us away to the ocean. To be exact, the rain stopped to give us 15 minutes to make photos and was back to its best after this short pause.

Irish Impressions 7. Howth

After two hours of persistent attempts to draw the roofs and windows in right perspective, I gave up and took the ruler..
Perspective looks so easy subject in the manual...

Howth is located near Dublin and is known for fresh catch fish and fish restaurants.

Irish Impressions 5.

65x53cm, wallpaper, acrylic
The most amazing thing is the size, variety and quality of trees, shrubs, flowers.
If here, in Moscow, we struggle to get the most possible from our weak soil and unpredictable weather to grow the greenery we want, it looks like the Irish, on the contrary, struggle hard to keep the force of nature in civilized frame.

Irish Impressions 2.

Here I make a copy of stained glass window in Irish medieval castle.
15th century artist framed small pieces of transparent glass and painted each piece separately.

Irish Impressions 1.

I have just come back from Ireland. Beautiful emerald island. Great weather (we were lucky, I know). Everything around blossoms or is going to blossom. 
I hurry to fill sketchbook with impressions from the trip, before they vanish in daily home routine. Thank you, Ireland, for the hospitality, the beauty of landscapes and open people.
Dublin doors are joy for any artist. The Dubliners did not put numbers on their houses, so the color of the door was the only way to find out the right address. 


Watercolor with oil pastel accents.

I turned off TV, I do not read news in internet, I try to turn off radio news in the car. I can not stand more evidenciary of the disaster my country is speeding into.
I am so deeply sorry for 295 innocent people  of  MH17.

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