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EDM #164

EDM #164. Draw your camera.
In 2009 I quit office job and started working for myself. The fear of death by starvation was dancing behind my back while I was dreaming to afford the New Year present to myself,  new camera, semi-pro Cannon G10. I managed to earn enough extra to buy this toy and since 2009 we have been in strong and steady relationship.

Sketching People

Back to Wednesday life sketching. This time the girl was so beautiful and harmonious, that 1, 3, 5, 15 minutes sketching became such a stress. I've got so tired trying to catch her curves flow with not much success.

EDM #184

If you have no idea what to sketch, but your inner conductor forces you to get back to drawing asap, EveryDayMatters group offers great list of ideas. I use number generator to choose the subject for the exercise.
#184: Draw a park bench. Yessir.

Hellesylt, Norway

Summer 2013. Did I tell you that Norway is one of the most stunning places of our beautiful planet? Neither camera, nor my modest attempts to sketch can reflect the pureness and harmony of this land.

White Roofs

20cm x 20 cm

The view from my window on one cold sunny day not long ago. Roofs were responding to the sudden sun on overcast day. Drawn from memory with mixed media on craft paper.

Sketching People

Live sketches sessions on Wednesday evenings help me remember the joy of drawing, which really makes me happy.
Cheap craft paper and thick graphite stick are great allies for the beginner. 

Sketchbook Pages

White spots on the toes parts were reserved with white wax crayon. Week-end was well spent.

I keep attending live drawing class once a week. This time it was white pen and graphite on craft paper.

Life Drawing

My first experience of life drawing class.
I felt newbie, nervous, unsure and so tied 2,5 hours later when the class was over.

We were sketching naked model in 1, 3, 5 and 15 minutes sessions. 
I will 100% go there again next Wednesday!

Wardrobe Inspiration

30x40cm, Watercolor on Arches

I keep looking for inspiration in the shoe rack.

And try to revive my dried up ink pen:

Pine Tree

Pastel, 30x40cm

A friend of my asked me to draw the pine tree as a memory of our trip to Cirali, Turkey  in the summer of 2013.
It took me only half a year to fulfill the request  and to present the painting ;-).

Summer Shoes

Quick pastel sketch of another pair from my summer shoes' collection.

I want to share with you the photo of Francis Bacon's art studio (it is from the article I read about the connection between creativity and order) . This perfect example of creative chaos made me laugh in horror))..

Post #501

I am celebrating blogpost#501 with this oil painting, my first attempt to oil paint at home. Surprisingly, there are no color marks on floor and furniture. But strong smell of thinner despite numerous ventilation attempts.
I liked the smell and the process sooo much!

Granddad and grandmoms

My sketching models from first week of January. Mostly when watching TV and chatting. Ignoring my begging to sit still.
Why do our aunts and uncles turn into grandmas and granddads so fast???

Warmest Greetings!

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2014 Year! 

The photo of still life from my drawing class is the last post of this year.

I hope new year will be productive, happy and sunny for all of us here in blogland. Love you, friends, and so happy to meet you in virtuality and to have this experience of cooperation and warmth in my life.


30x40cm, watercolor and Neocolor sticks

My favorite shoes were waiting to be painted for almost a month. First week, I put them on the windowsill in front of my writing table, to motivate drawing. It was getting darker outdoors and I bought IKEA folding lamp next week to light the windowsill up (yes, I found time to visit shop, it is much easier than to make me draw). The third week shoes looked like they began to lose patience. And at last, yesterday, I painted this still life.

Another pair of summer shoes has already taken the vacant place on the windowsill...

Meanwhile, inspired by my victory over the shoes, I sketched at the kitchen that same evening: 
Sketchbook, watercolor and sepia ink

Empty Birdhouses

The fall surprises us at warm and dry days, but the birds are not fooled: their houses will stay empty until next spring.

I am still deep into "work" mode, and dreaming about switching into "creativity" one, secretly in fear that I have completely forgotten how to draw during this long break.
I returned to drawing class and hope this activity will help me with transfiguration. Meanwhile one more dull still life in pencil from drawing class.

The Cat

A3, Oil pastel on tinted dark grey paper.

Posted by Irina.

Tools of the Trade

My dear friend Judy Barends (her blog) showed us her basic palette in her blog in the end of August and asked to share ours.
I liked the idea of sharing very much and decided to slightly expand and interpret it. So here today you can see my sketching set and the tools of the trade I usually have in my bag on the days of outdoor sketching (not so many days and not so often as I'd like, though).
Here they are:
1. Sketchbook (Fabriano at a moment, very good for light washes)
2. "White Nights" tube paints in Cotman kit
2.1 Lemon yellow
2.2 Cad Yellow
2.3 Rose Madder
2.4 Cad red
2.5 Cobalt Blue
2.6 Indigo
2.7 Winsor Blue
2.8 Ultramarine Blue
2.9 Cool green
2.10 Warm green
2.11 Yellow ochre
2.12 Burnt sienna
2.13 Sienna
2.14 Sepia
2.15 Cad orange
2.16 Dark violet
2.17 Grass green
3. Pen case
4. Machanical pencil with the box of extra leads.
5. Faber Castell Pitt brush-pen in sepia, water-resistant.
6. Rotring  fountain pen (I made it shorted by cutting its long artistic tail)
7. Pentel brush-pen in sepia, water-soluble.
8. Waterbrush with 3 (S, M, L) brushes.
9. 3 clips
10. Kneaded and usual eraser
11. Folding plastic cup, to use as water container.
12. Tablets' container now filled with water-soluble Neocolor sticks (grey, yellow, red, blue, sepia, green) and white wax crayon to preserve whites in my sketches.
13. Water container to moisture paints.
14. Sponge for excessive water on the brush.

I'd love to see your kits, I am sure they are so inspiring.


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